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Plescape is a fast paced 2D precision platformer with the main mechanic allowing you to change gravity.

The goal of the game is very simple: You're trying to get from point A to B without dying. Pretty straight forward, right?

So here's where the gravity part comes in.

PLESCAPE's main mechanic allows the player to invert their gravity with a press of a button so I hope your ready to spend a lot of time upside down. 

Also, along the way, you will find objects that refresh your gravity or jump ability while you're in the air. This will make for some interesting options, so those who want to optimize their run will have to figure out what works the best for them. 

These together with wall jumping and our level design creates fun, fast paced and precision demanding gameplay with endless possibilities for different combos to perform.


Moving: A & D or Left & Right Arrow Keys 

Jumping: Space

Gravity Manipulation (only in gravity levels): K

Controller support is going to be added later.


TestPLESCAPE.zip 39 MB

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